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Chrom - Zink

Chrom - Zink

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    • Chrome & Zinc
    • Selenium and other minerals
    • Improved hormone system(testosterone, insulin)
    • Optimized metabolism
    • Improved recovery
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Short Description:

Chrome/Zinc is a nutritional supplement based on the minerals chromium, zinc and selenium. These three control agents are involved in various metabolic processes such as protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and play a vital role in production of hormones testosterone and insulin. They also stimulate immune system and the growth process.

Chrome/Zinc contains chromium, zinc and selenium, a combination of trace elements iron, iodine, silicon, copper, manganese and molybdenum important for performance and health.


What can I expect from chrome/zinc?

Chrome / Zinc is a mineral complex which acts as a substance regulator in your body and improves your overall health and performance while encouraging rapid recovery after intense training sessions.

Chrome/Zinc should not be considered as a substitute for good nutrition, but as a supply of minerals, especially chromium, zinc and selenium.

For optimal muscle and strength building, supply the missing building substrates through a healthy diet and additional supplements (creatine, amino acids, highly glycemic carbohydrates, etc.).

Muscle can only exist with a constant and adequate supply of amino acids. Therefore supply yourself with fast proteins (in the morning and before or after training) and slow proteins.


Function and impact:


Minerals in chrome/zinc are essential for good general health and athletic excellence. In general, these control agents are found in meat, fish, milk, oats, lentils and whole grain products. However, due to heavy processing of meals and stressful life supplementation with minerals is often necessary and shortage should be avoided, since the organism cannot function even if one of these substances is missing.

Chromium, zinc and selenium are the most important trace elements, and deficiencies are extremely common resulting in hair loss, anaemia, poor immune system etc.

Deficiency of chromium, zinc and/or selenium is devastating, since they are needed for endogenous synthesis of muscle building, and anabolic hormones testosterone and insulin. Zinc is involved in cell structure and growth, strengthens the immune system and promotes healing. Zinc also serves as a "spark" and a co-factor to over 300 known metabolic processes, all related to health and performance.

Chromium is involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, it promote the synthesis of amino acids and optimizes intake of protein in muscles. Selenium is an antioxidant (protects the organism from free radicals). This is important to for athletes, since their bodies are particularly sensitive to free radicals. This means that Chrome/Zinc improve general regeneration.

Other minerals involved in numerous metabolic and physiological functions, contained in chromium/zinc contribute to good overall health and performance, making Chromium/Zinc an invaluable supplement for athletes.

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