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Glutamine Fusion

Glutamine Fusion

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    • Effective glutamine complex
    • Glutamine-AKG, N-acetylene glutamine, L-alanyl glutamine
    • Vitamin b complex
    • Optimal absorption
    • improved regeneration and immune system
    • Massive increase of muscle volume
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Short Description:

Glutamine Fusion is a highly functional complex of most effective glutamine derivatives. Glutamine is included in BCAAs, it is the most important amino acid for athletes and has effects on numerous body functions such as muscle building, regeneration, vitality and health. The special complex of glutamine in Glutamine Fusion is more absorbable than regular glutamine which means it can be used more effectively for the development of muscles.

Glutamine Fusion is optimized with a vitamin B complex to further enhance absorption.

What can I expect from Glutamine Fusion?

Glutamine Fusion is a highly concentrated amino acid complex with positive effects on regeneration, an increase of muscle volume and on the immune system. The overall effects depend on your eating habits and use of additional supplements (such as protein, highly glycemic carbohydrates, and creatine).

A constant supply of amino acids and Glutamine Fusion is important for muscle and strength gains. Glutamine compensates the material losses during the training, inducing muscle building process and strengthening the immune system.

For a sufficient and constant supply of amino acids, take fast proteins (especially in the morning, before and after training) and slow proteins so that the strong but short anabolic/anti-catabolic effect of Glutamine Fusion isn’t degraded but supported.

Function and Impact:

Glutamine Fusion consists of glutamine-alpha-ketoglutarate, N-acetylene glutamine, L-alanyl glutamine and has great absorption features enhanced by the addition of vitamin-b-complex. About 90% of conventional glutamine reaches the liver, where it is processed but is not transported into extracellular muscle tissue. This means that the conventional Glutamine has only a10% effectiveness. Glutamine Fusion has a much higher effectiveness, which is very important for athletes.

Glutamine Fusion transports other amino acids to muscle cells, thereby assisting with building muscle cell structure (nitrogen shuttle function), which makes glutamine popular among athletes. Due to Glutamine Fusion’s great absorption, it further helps the development of muscle cells.

Glutamine Fusion regulates the water balance in muscle cells, similarly to creatine, for an increase of muscle volume. Besides the obvious optical advantage this also has an effect on creating a very beneficial environment for muscles.

Glutamine and Glutamine Fusion also have beneficial effects on hormonal levels modulating the secretion of insulin, HGH (growth hormone) and anabolic hormones in general. Moreover, glutamine regulates levels of cortisol, which is very helpful for very intense workouts, diets and other stressful situations where the body produces the stress hormone cortisol. Regulation of cortisol helps muscle building, fat burning, regeneration, and overall well-being.

Plus glutamine in Glutamine Fusion has positive effects on general health, especially the immune system and brain capacity.

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Glutamine Fusion


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