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    • MCT - Medium chain triglycerides
    • Accelerated Metabolism
    • Increase of Power
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Short description:

MCT oil contains medium chain triglycerides, fatty acids, which stimulate muscle growth, metabolism, which won’t be stored as body fat. MCT is an excellent product also for its inhibition of muscle degradation.

What can I expect from MCT oil?

Consuming 15 ml (2 tbsp) of MCT oil a day stimulates metabolism, enhance fat reduction and avoids the yo-yo effect.

Use MCT Oil to improve your performance with enormous amount of energy, especially when taken with other highly glycemic carbohydrates. This combination however contains many calories, making it unsuitable for those on a diet.

The overall effects depends your eating habits and the use of additional supplements (BCAAs, highly glycemic carbohydrates, more fat burned).

Keep the daily intake of base substrates as constant as possible, especially proteins, to maintain the effectiveness of MCT.

Functionality and impact: 

MCT oil contains so-called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), a special type of saturated fatty acids, found in coconut and palm oil. Despite being naturally contained in meals, supplementation with MCT Oil is recommended for its significant amounts of healthy fat, while avoiding other fatty acids.

MCTs are different in structure from the other saturated fats, commonly taken as unhealthy. These saturated fats are a lot shorter than both saturated and unsaturated fats, containing only8 calories per gram. They are be best used for those with fat digestion problems (weak activity of the lipase enzymes) and health conscious as a source of energy for both men and women.

MCT oil in combination with glycemic carbohydrates supplies athletes with a lot of power for intense workout.

When MCTs are broken down, they are called “ketones”, used to prevent muscle degradation and to stimulate muscle growth. Scientific studies have confirmed protein contained in MCT further strengthens the effects on muscle growth.

MCT speeds up your metabolism, supporting a deficit in energy balance (balance of calories consumed and calories used up), and promoting weight loss. MCT stimulates the reduction of body fat, also known as lipolysis, making MCT an ideal supplement for diets, especially when used as a substitute for other fats.

MCT Oil shouldn’t be supplemented as a replacement for the healthy omega-3 fatty acids or CLA, or EPA / DHA / GLA. Ideally, athletes on an "anabolic diet" consume about 15 ml of MCT oil a day, stimulating the metabolism by an incredible 40%, burning more calories, avoiding the dreaded yo-yo effect.

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