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Protein bar 70

Protein bar 70

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    Low carb und low fat protein bar

    • Protein bars with 70% protein content
    • 35 g of proteins per protein bar
    • Only 5 g of carbohydrates
    • Without chocolate
    • Insulin neutral
    • Less than 0.5 g of fat
    • Vitamin complex with 10 vitamins
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Short Description of Protein bar 70:

Protein 70 is a protein bar with a balanced amino acid ratio and unparalleled nutritional characteristics.

With 70% protein content, less than 1% of fat and only 10% of glycerol, Protein 70 is a pure protein bar like no other product. Protein 70 is a healthy substitute for sweets for athletes, and figure-conscious children and young people.

10 essential vitamins are added to Protein 70 for better assimilation for the needs of active people.

What can I expect from Protein bar 70?

Protein bar 70 is overall a limited protein bar. The overall effects of Protein 70 on the muscle and strength gains or fat loss depends on your eating habits and the use of additional supplements (creatine, amino acids, fat burner Ergogenics).

Muscle and strength gains are achieved through adequate and constant supply of protein and amino acids. You can do that with the Protein 70 bars everywhere you go for a comfortable supply of proteins and amino acids.

Protein bar 70 are protein bars that work great for your diets, especially if they are eaten before your meals/

Functionality and Impact:

In today's everyday stressful life we have little time to prepare a healthy, fresh meal. A healthy diet is expensive and difficult to prepare. We often rely on fast foods and sweets. Protein bar Protein 70 is a balanced, convenient and inexpensive alternative, with its balanced protein and carbohydrate content suitable for a meal at home or on the road.

Protein bar 70 is particularly rich in protein not just as a snack, but as a replacement for a meal in such low-carb diets as the "anabolic diet", the "Atkins Diet" or the "GLYX diet." But even with conventional diets such as the FDH-diet, which is based on a simple reduction of calories, the Protein 70 protein bar is very helpful. This works because the protein is very filling, low in fat and carbohydrates and can even diminish appetite for sweets.

Protein bar 70 is not only rich in proteins, but works also as a high-quality protein meal. Three protein components are chosen so that the amino acids in Protein 70 complement each other biologically and have a composition similar to human muscle proteins. Protein in Protein bar 70 is therefore well-assimilated and used to build muscles.

Through the combination of the three complementary proteins we created an amino acid balance for muscle building and important for the correct function of important hormones (e.g. thyroid hormones T3, T4) and elementary metabolic functions. On top of that, the protein has a positive effect on the synthesis of the articular cartilage.


Nutritional Content of Protein bar 70:


  1. Protein bar 70 contains significantly more protein and less fat and carbohydrates than normal protein bars
  2. Protein bar 70 provides protein and amino acids for muscle building and healthy cartilage, joints and connective tissue.
  3. Three protein components of Protein bar 70 complement each other biologically and form a very high-quality protein complex.
  4. Protein bar 70 protein bar already contains half of the daily requirement of essential vitamins.
  5. Carbohydrates polyols in Protein bar 70 are insulin-neutral, i.e. they raise insulin levels
  6. Polyols also hydrate the body's cells and accelerate the excretion.
  7. Protein bar 70 of is designed so that it doesn’t increase the production of saliva which stops after the consumption of the protein bar. Commercial bars, sweets, crisps and similar snacks, are designed to increases production of saliva - and lots of calories consumed.
  8. Protein bar 70, when consumed before or during a meal increases the protein content in the stomach up to 40%, so that less fat is formed.

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Protein bar 70


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