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Vitamin B

Vitamin B

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    • Vitamin B Complex
    • Mineral Complex
    • Vitamin E
    • Effective co-substrates (DNA, RNA, chlorophyll, carotenoids)
    • Slow absorption
    • Optimized protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism
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Short Description:

Vitamin B contains all the B vitamins, evenly released and absorbed over a long period of time. B vitamins are vital for being involved as co-enzymes in virtually all bodily functions such as metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat metabolism.

Vitamin B in addition to 8 B vitamins also contains 11 minerals and co-substrates such as chlorophyll, carotenoids, RNA and DANN, that positively influence the performance and muscle building.

What can I expect from vitamin B?

Vitamin B is a complex of B-vitamins and minerals that acts as a substance regulator promoting muscle growth by optimizing metabolic processes (especially protein metabolism).

Vitamin B is not a substitute for good nutrition, but a guarantee of an excellent supply of B vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B doesn’t contain the variety and diversity of substrates contained in healthy diet.

To build natural muscle structure and strength, supply all the missing building substrates through a healthy diet and additional supplements (creatine, amino acids, highly glycemic carbohydrates, etc.). Muscles can only exist with a constant and adequate supply of amino acids. Therefore supply yourself with fast proteins (in the morning and before or after training) and slow proteins


Function and impact:


Vitamins and minerals are substance regulators and vital for a good functioning of the body, therefore essential for good well being and athletic excellence. The latter is especially true for the B-vitamins, generally contained in a meat, fish, milk, eggs, whole grain products, fruits and vegetables (except vitamin B12). However, thanks to modern lifestyles, stress and food processing, supplementary materials are often required. Avoid shortages, since the organism cannot function even if one of these substances is missing. Deficiency of B vitamins can leads to various immune deficiencies such as weakness, cramps, numb muscles, insomnia, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, etc..

The spectrum of B vitamins consists of 8 vitamins including biotin. This is because it was previously thought that only one substance was responsible for metabolic effect of B vitamins. Scientific studies have proven that more substances are involved in these processes, called B vitamins. B vitamins control primary energy processes, protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. They are involved in endogenous protein synthesis, i.e. conversion of dietary protein into muscle. B vitamins also have a positive effect on the nervous system, blood, blood vessels, eyes, healthy skin, hair, nails and hormonal balance and growth.

What is special about Vitamin B is the mix of vitamins that comes from the best know natural source, known as spirulina. Formerly known as blue green algae, yeast, liver extract it contains both a high dose and excellent bioavailability.

The minerals, especially magnesium and zinc, are involved in numerous metabolic and physiological functions and are involved in more than 300 enzymes as biocatalysts and in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

In total, Vitamin B is paramount for athletes in general and specifically for those looking to build more muscles. Vitamin B is enriched with complementary minerals and vitamin E.

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