Lesukov bizeps curlHello fans and friends,

meanwhile I train 2 months for the Arnold Classics 2012. Target is to compete in the super heavyweight class. I built up 15 kilogram. My current weight is about 118,4 kilogram and I am stronger than ever before :-)

I am going to change my training a little bit. I am going to increase the reps and the cardio to avoid building up too much fat.

Lesukov shoulder press


My current nutrition plan

  1. After waking up: 50 gr WHEY2O + 4 capsules Tribulus
  2. 30 minutes later: 3 eggs + 2 egg whites, 150 gr curd cheese cake, 100 gr whole-grain bread, 250 ml juice
  3. After breakfast: 2 tablets Ultra A-Z, 20 gr Phospholipids
  4. 30 minutes before workout: 40 gr Plutonium
  5. During workout: 80 gr Intra-VeNOus
  6. After workout: 100 gr Createston Professional + 20 gr WHEY2O + 2 capsules GABA
  7. 17:00: 300 gr fish, 100 gr buckwheat, fruit or juice (17 – 19 o clock: sleeping)
  8. 19:30: 300 gr curd cheese cake
  9. 21:30: 300 gr fish or chicken breast, salad, potatoes
  10. After dinner: 2 tablets Ultra A-Z, 20 gr Phospholipids
  11. Before sleeping: 50 gr Multi Protein Complex + 3 capsules Adaptogen + 3 tablets HMB

Lesukov bizeps curl



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  1. Sylwester sagt:


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  2. Romas sagt:

    Ya sam rodilsa v rusiu nu zhivu v litve tak sorry for bad russian language.
    Hotel uznat kakie samii vazhnae supplements in season ?

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  3. jibin sagt:

    hey alexei, im a grt fan f urs mannnn, u hav a grt physique,make good use of it !!!!!!!!!!!! i too compete, hop 2 bcome a grt bodybuilder, bt v dont get mch soupport for the sport f bodybuilding…… nyways ur a completely blessed with it………. so b d bst ……….. al my prayers…….. hop 2 c u 2 some day……… im a big faaaaaaaaan f urs………. u can do it alexei, bcz u r vry vry vry SPECIAL………………. all d bst in ur future lyf

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  4. behaylu sagt:

    i am so interested abut u …and we sheer the same interest in terms of our choose …i mine u like to build up us i do ….but i have a lot to learn from u ….u  are role model for me ..also a big brother……..dear Alex ..i like to ask u if   u have any plans to help African yang peoples to flow ur foot stapes ?  next    time i will tray to sand u some video pictures to show u how we build up our body …i hope i will  build friendship with u throw  this

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