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Peak Performance Products S.A.
1, Route de Grevenmacher
6912 Roodt-sur-Syre

VoIP no: 01801-5557776355
Phone: +35 2 425215
Fax: +35 2 42131
email to: office@peak.ag

Register of Commerce and Companies Luxemburg
Registration number: B 69979

Sales tax identification number V.A.T.: LU 19101723 / DE 231815224
Tax number Luxembourg: 1999 2211 817
Sales tax number Germany: 040/194/06666

Director: Fabian Maresch

Legal form: Limited company

Our departments:

Department 1 -
fields of activities:
Development and production of health and sports nutrition and nutrition supplements Production of health and sports nutrion and nutrition supplements for other brands Resource, plant extracts, chemicals and pharmaceutical machines trade

Department 2 -
fields of activities:
Consulting for Europe-Asia trade
Bringing together business partners
Prividing of qualified suppliers and service providers from Far East and Eastern Europe Quality control by our business partners from Far East and Eastern Europe

Peak Performance S.A. searches/develops and provides high quality products and/or services through a far-reaching international network of investments and/or partner companies. These products/services are offered at the most favourable price throughout the world. In connection with our international logo the private brand "Peak Performance" stands for the best possible quality world-wide at the most favourable price, whereas high quality takes priority over the price, of course.

This means ORIGINAL Peak products will not always be the most favourable ones of all but they will contain the best quality ingredients. Furthermore, we also produce and find every desired quality under a different brand name. This enables us to be extremely competitive, even if a low price has top priority, the quality will be as good as possible at this price.


Should you have any suggestions or comments please contact our Luxembourgian headquarter, so we can optimise our service according to your desire.

If you are/were not fully satisfied or even dissatisfied with products from our business partners - no matter in which country - please let us know, as we are willing to stop even the least flaw.

Your Peak Performance Team Luxembourg