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Basic Health Bundle

High-quality (sea) fish oil & vitamins in an economy pack

  • Uncomplicated intake of essential omega-3 fatty acids
  • Proven to be effective thanks to high dosage
  •  Ideal for people who consume less fatty fish
  • High bioavailability due to triglyceride form
  • Bulk pack with 400 softgel capsules

Vitamin D3 + K2 - important for bones, immune system and muscles

  • High dosage 5000 I.U. (125 µg) vitamin D + 150 µg vitamin K per tablet
  • Divisible tablets for halving the amount taken
  • High bioavailability
  • Vitamin K as MK-7
  • Ideal for use in low-sun regions & months
  • Supports the maintenance of muscle function, bones and immune system
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PEAK Omega-3 Capsules

Omega-3: A useful dietary supplement for the masses

With Omega-3 from Peak Performance Products you have the possibility to supply your body quickly and easily with essential Omega-3 fatty acids. The capsules made of high-quality fish oil provide you with the omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in high dosages. The sufficient supply of these fatty acids makes a valuable contribution to the health of athletes and non-athletes.


Omega-3 convinces with a broad spectrum of effects

Taking a daily portion of Peak Omega-3 has been shown to support normal heart function. However, not all Omega-3 products on the market achieve this cardiac-supporting effect, as a daily minimum intake of 250mg EPA and DHA must be guaranteed. Underdosed food supplements miss this minimum quantity sometimes clearly. With Omega-3 from Peak Performance Products, however, you are on the safe side, because thanks to a high dosage, a daily portion of effective 540mg EPA and 360mg DHA provides you.

Supplementation with high doses of omega-3 fatty acids can also help reduce unwanted omega-6 dominance in your diet. This overabundance of omega-6 fatty acids is caused in many people by modern eating habits (little fatty fish; very cereal-heavy). A permanent omega-6 dominance leads in the worst case to health impairments (e.g. vascular constrictions (blood pressure) & inflammations (arthritis)). Health experts therefore have good reason to recommend a balanced fatty acid ratio of 5:1 (Omega 6:Omega 3). A supplementation of Peak Omega-3 can help to support this optimal absorption ratio.

PEAK Omega-3 Kapseln

Thanks to the effective dosage in Peak Omega-3 (over 250 mg DHA), taking the daily portion also supports normal brain function. This amount also helps to maintain normal vision. Thus Peak Omega-3 has a particularly broad spectrum of action.

Brief description of Vitamin D3 plus K2

Vitamin D is one of the substances essential to human life. It is usually not supplied by food, but mainly by sunlight, which is why vitamin D is also known as the sun vitamin. Absorbed through the skin, vitamin D then assumes the role of a prohormone in the body with numerous functions. Vitamin D has been proven to be

  • promotes a normal level of calcium in the blood
  • supports the preservation of normal bone and muscle function
  • performs a function in cell division
  • ensures normal functioning of the immune system and normal teeth

Vitamin K is also one of the essential components that we usually ingest through food. In combination with the administration of vitamin D, it is essential for maintaining normal bones and normal blood clotting.

What can I expect from vitamin D3 plus K2?

Studies have shown that there is a poor supply of vitamin D to the local population. Unfavourable longitudes and latitudes and, in this context, unfavourable exposure to the sun with too few hours of sunlight make it difficult to absorb enough vitamin D. In addition, there are too few hours in the sun due to a clothed everyday life in rooms that make a full supply of vitamin D even sunny months almost impossible. Since from certain animal food only small quantities Vitamin D can be referred represents the use of a supplement such as Vitamin D3 plus K2 a perfect possibility to close supply gaps. Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 work hand in hand and are available in this product in a highly bioavailable form as vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 (MK-7).

Functionality and mode of action of vitamin D3 plus K2

It is now known that there are almost 50 tissues in the human body that have a vitamin D receptor. If a receptor is present, this means that vitamin D is able to mediate certain effects on all these tissues in its form as prohormone "25-D". This fact leads to the fact that one can prove a sufficient supply of vitamin D in the meantime several positive effects on the human body. Thus it does not only contribute to the preservation of a normal calcium level, normal bones and a normal muscle function, but also promotes the functionality of the immune system, supports the preservation of healthy teeth and takes over an independent function with the cell division.

In addition to vitamin D, vitamin K also plays an important role in bone metabolism. Where there is a shortage of vitamin K, vitamin D is not able to distribute calcium levels sensibly to the bones, which stands in the way of maintaining healthy bones. For this reason, a combined administration as with vitamin D3 plus K2 appears to be extremely sensible, especially since both are available here in their most effective form as vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 (MK-7).


Test report Omega-3

Test report - PDF as download - Please click button right UBF - UBF - Untersuchungs- Beratuungs-Forschungslaboratorium GmbH Prüfbericht

The test results refer to the specified production batch. The values are subject to the usual product fluctuations.


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