Copyright terms of PEAK Performance Products S.A.

A large part of the texts on dietary supplements and sports nutrition on the Internet are more or less directly copied texts, which are protected by the copyright of Peak Performance Products S.A.. (hereinafter referred to as "Peak"). In some cases, the copyrights of Peak are violated, as in many cases there is no copyright agreement.

This circumstance is a disadvantage for the search engine ranking or the hit rate on the first pages of Internet search engines of Peak as well as Peak's customers, who use these texts legally, because Peak has assigned the customer copyright.

This disadvantage in the ranking in turn carries the risk of a significant financial loss for Peak and Peak's customers, because a good ranking with the search engines on the Internet usually leads to high visitor numbers in the shops and correspondingly high sales values.

In order to minimize this risk of financial damage for Peak and Peak's customers, the old, less concrete copyright agreement is terminated by Peak and, if necessary, can be replaced by a new agreement under which Peak specifically assigns only a certain maximum number of copyrights for various texts or product descriptions, so that Peak products can be better ranked by search engines overall.

Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to violate the copyrights of Peak by copying, duplicating or otherwise using information (including but not limited to text, images, presentations, illustrations) without written permission from Peak. In order to avoid disadvantages for Peak and Peak's clients as far as possible, Peak will have its copyrights regularly checked by the international patent law firm Vièl & Wieske in Saarbrücken (Germany), and will have violations warned against at a charge and subject to further claims for damages.