HBN - EAA-Code Powder - 280g

Perfected, 100% vegan EAA formula to meet the need for essential amino acids

  • Optimized EAA matrix
  • Perfekte Zusammensetzung
  • Improvement of the existing protein supply
  • Possibility of replacing protein input in reduction phases
  • Vegan
  • Almost calorie-free
  • Carbohydrate-free, fat-free
  • Best solubility
  • Incl. piperine for better bioavailability

    New flavours
    Lemon Ice Tea & White Tea Peach

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Training goals




Muscle building

Muscle building

HBN EAA CODE - The best EAA product now also in powder form

It is known that our body depends exclusively on the supply of essential amino acids to build up protein. In addition to the daily amount required for this, the constellation of amino acids in relation to each other also determines the quality of the intake. It does not matter whether you are looking at food or supplements. In contrast to other EAA offers on the market, HBN EAA-CODE POWDER delivers exactly that: an optimal EAA matrix with which one can expect maximum yield in protein formation. This fact and the easy administration via powder makes HBN EAA-CODE POWDER one of the most sensible supplements ever. HBN EAA-CODE POWDER is not only aimed at athletes, but at all those who are interested in optimizing their amino acid supply. Of particular value is HBN EAA-CODE POWDER also for vegans or people who eat low protein for various reasons. The fact that HBN EAA-CODE POWDER allows an amino acid supply without simultaneous absorption of a relevant calorific value makes this product the perfect companion for every reduction phase.

Broad range of applications with clear advantages

Whoever intends to build up muscles in the build-up phase or to maintain them in the reduction phase should constantly strive for a sufficient and high-quality protein supply. HBN EAA-CODE POWDER can be used for this in many ways. It is a perfectly coordinated matrix of amino acids, which our body needs for the formation of protein. For this reason, protein inputs can be upgraded or even replaced in the case of reduction phases in which calories must be saved, without having to do without an optimized amino acid supply. In contrast to high-quality protein sources such as whey protein, the intake of HBN EAA-CODE POWDER does not increase the insulin level in a significant way. This is good for fat burning. Also blood sugar fluctuations at times of carbohydrate-poor nutrition can be avoided in such a way. The powder form of HBN EAA CODE enables the production of a tasty and highly functional drink, which can be taken in a gentle way also for training, as well as between meals without disturbing fullness feelings.

Superior to other EAA products!

Studies show that we are only dependent on the supply of essential amino acids for the formation of body protein. Behind the term "essential" hides already their supporting role. Without an intake via food, a deficiency inevitably develops, which shifts the protein metabolism into a negative environment. If you are interested in healthy tissue, healthy organs and a considerable amount of musculature, you should constantly ensure that you take the right amount of EAA in the right constellation. The law of the limiting amino acid dictates that only the perfect constellation of EAA to each other is able to maximize protein buildup. Therefore, BCAA is not a suitable product for this purpose (it only provides 3 of all EAA), while HBN EAA-CODE POWDER can be expected to have a maximum effect when taken. If you want to do everything right regarding the amino acid supply, you can use HBN EAA-CODE POWDER. The use is once possible supplementing to meals with insufficient EAA content or with inferior amino acid matrix. Also protein inputs can be replaced by the income of HBN EAA CODE POWDER completely. HBN EAA-CODE POWDER makes the admission possible of all amino acids necessary for the protein metabolism without considerable amount to the calorie balance. This makes it the perfect product in reduction phases.

Also persons with incompatibilities with high-quality protein carriers profit from HBN EAA CODE POWDER, just like this replacing with increase liver and kidney values or an unbalanced acid-base balance thanks to strongly acid-heavy nutrition can come to the use.

The product has been further optimised by adding piperine, which again ensures better bioavailability of the amino acids it contains.


Additional Info
Product Line Human Based Nutrition
manufactured in Europe
Content 0,28 Kg
Portion 14g
Training goal Diet, Endurance, Muscle building
Product type Pre-Workout, Post-Workout, Protein
Product properties Vegan
Time to take After the training, Before the training, in the morning
Dosage form Powder
Umverpackung Can
Verzehrsempfehlung Für eine Portion mixen Sie ca. 2 Messlöffel bzw. 14 Gramm EAA-Code Powder mit 500 ml Wasser in einem Shaker oder einer Trinkflasche. Schütteln Sie das EAA-Getränk gut durch und trinken Sie es kurz vor, während und/oder nach dem Training auf möglichst nüchternen Magen.

Eine eventuelle Bildung von Klumpen im Pulver ist der Hygroskopie (feuchtigkeitsbindende Eigenschaft) der Rohstoffe geschuldet und beeinflusst weder Qualität noch Wirkung und Geschmack des Produktes.
Verkehrsbezeichnung Nahrungsergänzungsmittel in Pulverform zur Herstellung eines aromatisierten Aminosäurengetränks für Sportler mit Süßungsmitteln.
Besondere Hinweise Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sind kein Ersatz für eine ausgewogene, abwechslungsreiche Ernährung und gesunde Lebensweise. Die angegebene empfohlene Tagesverzehrmenge darf nicht überschritten werden. Bewahren Sie das Produkt bitte außerhalb der Reichweite von Kindern auf.
Verpackungseinheit(en) Dose - 280g / 20 Portionen à 14g
Mindesthaltbarkeitszeit 2 Jahre - Nach Anbruch innerhalb von 3 Monaten verbrauchen. Bitte geschlossen, trocken, vor Licht geschützt und bei normaler Zimmertemperatur lagern.
Hinweis Kann Spuren von Milch, Gluten und Ei enthalten.

Geschmack Lemon Ice Tea:
L-Leucin (14,6%), Säuerungsmittel (Citronensäure, Apfelsäure), L-Lysin-Hydrochlorid (12,8%), L-Valin (12,2%), L-Isoleucin (10,9%), L-Phenylalanin (9,4%), L-Threonin (8,1%), L-Methionin (5,1%), L-Tryptophan (2,7%), Säureregulator (Kaliumcitrat), Aroma, weißer Tee Extrakt (Blätter), Süßungsmittel (Sucralose, Acesulfam-K), Emulgator (SOJAlecithine), Schwarzer Pfeffer Extrakt (Samen).

Geschmack Cherry:
L-Leucin (14,6%), Säuerungsmittel (Citronensäure, Apfelsäure), L-Lysin-Hydrochlorid (12,8%), L-Valin (12,2%), L-Isoleucin (10,9%), L-Phenylalanin (9,4%), L-Threonin (8,1%), L-Methionin (5,1%), L-Tryptophan (2,7%), Säureregulator (Kaliumcitrat), Aroma, Süßungsmittel (Sucralose, Acesulfam-K), Emulgator (SOJAlecithine), Farbstoff (Rote Bete Pulver), Schwarzer Pfeffer Extrakt (Samen).

Geschmack White Tea Peach:
L-Leucin (14,6%), Säuerungsmittel (Citronensäure, Apfelsäure), L-Lysin-Hydrochlorid (12,8%), L-Valin (12,2%), L-Isoleucin (10,9%), L-Phenylalanin (9,4%), L-Threonin (8,1%), L-Methionin (5,1%), L-Tryptophan (2,7%), Säureregulator (Kaliumcitrat), Aroma, weißer Tee Extrakt (Blätter), Süßungsmittel (Sucralose, Acesulfam-K), Emulgator (SOJAlecithine), Schwarzer Pfeffer Extrakt (Samen).

Inhaltsstoffe /100g NRV* /Portion** NRV*
L-Leucin / / 1960 mg /
L-Valin / / 1660 mg /
L-Isoleucin / / 1480 mg /
L-Lysin / / 1430 mg /
L-Phenylalanin / / 1290 mg /
L-Threonin / / 1110 mg /
L-Methionin / / 700 mg /
L-Tryptophan / / 370 mg /
Piperin (Schwarzer Pfeffer) / / 5.00 mg /
* Nährstoffbezugswerte
** Portion = 14 g Pulver aufgelöst in 500 ml Wasser
Produktname Verpackungseinheit(en) Gewicht Geschmack EAN
EAA-Code Powder Dose 280 g Lemon Ice Tea 5453001864747
      Cherry 5453001864334
      White Tea Peach 5453001864914
Dieses Produkt wird gemäß GMP / HACCP-Konzept gefertigt.

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