Diet / Fat reduction

Diet supplements

Benefits at glances:

  • Ideal to support  the diet
  • Perfectly usable for a " diet plateau "
  • Useful supplements to support low fat, low carb, metabolic diet, anabolic diet, etc.
  • Ideal in combination with a healthy diet and training

How do dietary supplements work?

Diets can lead to a sportier and slim figure - and this is the goal of any diet, whether for competition or pure fat loss. In addition, health aspects can also be one reason to reduce the body weight or fat mass.

In many cases, however, diets fail (wrong diet type, wrong approach), the discipline or even the physical condition (pain, fatigue, tiredness). The supplements of this category are designed to come closer to your individual goals and to prevent failure.

Basic requirement of a successful diet is a negative energy balance, in other words, a caloric deficit (supplied calorie < calories burned). A calorie deficit can be realized by a stimulation of the metabolism and thermogenesis, which is associated with higher calorie consumption. The second possibility is a reduction in calorie intake, such as by blocking of dietary fat (about 9 kcal / g) or carbohydrates (about 4 kcal / g), or a reduction in appetite. The most effective for fat loss is a combination of both, i.e. increased calorie consumption and a reduction in caloric intake. In practice, diet supplements that contain amino acid L-carnitine and stimulans are preferred.

Especially stimulans which are said to have metabolism-stimulating effects are very popular. One of the most common reasons to consume supplements during a diet is to stabilize the physical and mental performance during a diet phase. Intense Sport in turn supports a deficit in the energy balance and thus the weight loss. However, athletes who do not intend to diet, consume stiumulans before training.


Obesity – widespread disease number 1

Obesity is a serious and widespread disease that has become more common in the last decades in developed countries. The reasons for obesity are incorrect eating and drinking habits or overeating and lack of physical activity. Genetic factors may play a role in obesity too. Already a body mass index greater than 30 is defined as morbid obesity / adiposity. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of a variety of diseases, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, and increased risk of stroke and heart attack. But also low overweight can have fatal consequences for the psyche. In any case, the fat loss is recommended by a specific diet.


The most important rules for Diet & Weight Loss

  • Increase your intake of proteins that help to build muscle and while dieting help to maintain muscles
  • Reduce the carbs
  • Make sure that your fat intake is not too low and not too high. Mainly consume fat from vegetable sources and fish.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Be as much as possible physically active in order to build muscle and burn fat.
  • Drink enough to prevent the feeling of hunger.
  • Consider to ease your goal with diet supplements
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