Human Based Nutrition

Here you will find supplements designed according to the principles of the Human Based Nutrition (HBN) concept.

With HBN Post-Workout Complex female, HBN Post-Workout Complex male and HBN Post-Workout Complex plus, three target group specific supplements are available, which ensure the supply after training. Find out more about the revolutionary nutritional concept in the book.

The advantages at a glance:

Designed according to the guidelines of the Human Based Nutrition (HBN) nutrition concept

Targeted care for athletes & non-athletes

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Everything about the topic of Human Based Nutrition

The supplement line to the nutritional concept

The supplements of the HBN - Signatured Series are based on the revolutionary nutritional concept Human Based Nutrition, which was designed for performance-oriented persons of all sports, as well as for health-conscious non-athletes. While the book on HBN provides you with comprehensive instructions on how to adjust your nutrition optimally to yourself, this is ideally complemented by the supplements that are specially tailored to the nutrition system.

A special feature, to which great importance was attached in the creation of Human Based Nutrition, is the need and target group-oriented supply of nutrient substrates. For this reason, the HBN Signatured Series includes, among other things, three highly effective post-workout supplements, which for the first time are individually tailored to the needs of active women, men and the over 40 generation.

Under the aspect of need-based nutrition, the Electrolyte & pH Complex should also be mentioned, which is the ideal supplement to acid-stressed sports nutrition.

Furthermore, with the Insulin Index an often overlooked factor of sports nutrition is taken up and honoured in the form of the LII-Protein Complex, which leads to an optimal dietary protein.

Convince yourself of a unique nutritional concept, in which individuality does not fall by the wayside and which can be easily integrated into everyday life. Supplemented by the coordinated supplements of the HBN Signatured Series, it is thus possible for you to pursue a goal-oriented, tailor-made diet.