Theacrine Shock - 90 Capsules

Modern Energizer with Energetic Shock Hazard Formula

  • Contains the stimulant of the new generation - Theacrine (as TeaCrine®)
  • Optimized with green tea extract (standardized to EGCG)
  • Optimal alternative when caffeine is no longer effective
  • Ideal to take before training
  • Optimal for taking before mental stress
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Training goals
Muscle building

Muscle building

Strength building

Strength building

Short description for Theacrine Shock

Theacrine Shock from Peak International is a modern energizer supplement that delivers THE new generation stimulant in practical capsule form - Theacrin (as TeaCrine®). Theacrin is the salvation for all "energy junkies" who have developed a caffeine tolerance over time and who feel no or insufficient effect even after taking high amounts of caffeine. Why? Theacrin has the advantage of not triggering a habituation effect as is the case with regular intake of caffeine!

In addition the Energetic Shock Hazard Formula of Theacrine Shock is optimized by a green tea extract standardized on EGCG. This unique composition makes Theacrine Shock ideal for use before physical or mental stress.

The purchase of Theacrine Shock is worthwhile because...

this modern energizer is based on 200mg Theacrin (as TeaCrine®) per serving, which is THE new generation stimulant. Theacrin is derived from the Cupuaçu plant (Theobroma grandiflorum), native to Brazil, and the Chinese tea plant (Camellia kucha) and is classified as an alkaloid and has the chemical name 1,3,7,9-tetramethyl uric acid.

Theacrin has a decisive advantage over caffeine, which is structurally very closely related and was previously known as Stimulant No. 1: there is no such habituation effect! Many athletes are familiar with the problem associated with the regular use of caffeine: a constantly increasing tolerance threshold for caffeine and the associated loss of effectiveness, which cannot (and should not) be compensated even with high amounts of caffeine. In contrast to Theacrin, which is contained in Theacrine Shock as TeaCrine®, the human organism does not develop this habituation effect at all or only in a significantly attenuated form. In plain language, this means: Theacrin still works after several weeks of use in exactly the same way as it did on the first day. For a stimulant this is an almost unique characteristic! Therefore, Theacrin is ideal for all athletes who can no longer achieve satisfactory results with caffeine. Theacrin is therefore rightly regarded as the stimulant of the new generation, which caffeine could outrank in the future.

In addition to TeaCrine®, BlitzTEA also contains 500mg of functional green tea extract per serving, standardized to 40% epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a catechin contained in the secondary plant compounds of green tea and is considered the most potent of the green tea polyphenols. The use of EGCG is particularly popular in diet phases and in combination with caffeine (Theacrin's structurally close relative).

As a result, Theacrine Shock is an ideal energizer supplement that can be taken before physical and mental stress. Theacrine Shock is the ideal alternative to caffeine-containing supplements due to the aforementioned functionalities.

Theacrine Shock – Energetic Shock Hazard

TeaCrine® is a registered trademark and protected by Patents Pending, Serial No. 61/903,362; under exclusive global distribution by Compound Solutions, Inc.

Vegane Kapseln

Additional Info
Product Line Peak International
manufactured in Europe
Content 81 g
Portion 45 Portionen á 2 Kapseln
Umverpackung Can
Training goal Muscle building, Strength building
Product type Pre-Workout
Product properties Gelatin-free
Time to take Before the training
Dosage form Capsule
Verzehrsempfehlung Wenn Du bereit bist, Dein erstes Workout auf Theacrine Shock zu erleben, dann konsumiere 1 – 2 Kapseln Theacrine Shock rund 30 Minuten vor Deinem Training mit aus­reichend Wasser!
Verkehrsbezeichnung Nahrungsergänzungsmittel in Kapselform mit Grüntee-Extrakt und Theacrin.
Besondere Hinweise Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sind kein Ersatz für eine ausgewogene, abwechslungsreiche Ernährung und gesunde Lebensweise. Die angegebene empfohlene Tagesverzehrmenge darf nicht überschritten werden. Bewahren Sie das Produkt bitte außerhalb der Reichweite von Kindern auf.
Verpackungseinheit(en) Dose mit 90 Kapseln à 900 mg = 81 g
Mindesthaltbarkeitszeit 2 Jahre - Nach Anbruch innerhalb von 3 Monaten verbrauchen. Bitte geschlossen, trocken, vor Licht geschützt und bei normaler Zimmertemperatur lagern.
Allergenhinweis Kann Spuren von Soja, Milch, Gluten und Ei enthalten.
Zutaten Füllstoff: Mikrokristalline Cellulose, Grüntee-Extrakt (Blatt) 28%, Kapselhülle (Hydroxy­propylmethylcellulose, Farbstoff: Titandioxid), Theacrin (als TeaCrine®), Trennmittel: Magne­­siumsalze der Speisefettsäuren (pflanzlich).
Inhaltsstoffe /100g NRV** /Portion** NRV**
Theacrin (als TeaCrine®) / / 200 mg /
(40% Epigallocatechingallat)
/ / 500 mg /
* Nährstoffbezugswert
** Tagesportion = 2 Kapseln
TeaCrine® ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen und durch Patentantrag geschützt, Seriennummer 61 / 903,362; unter exklusivem weltweiten Vertrieb von Compound Solutions, Inc.
Produktname Verpackungseinheit(en) Gewicht Geschmack EAN
Theacrine Shock Dose 81g / 5453001861739
Dieses Produkt wird gemäß GMP / HACCP-Konzept gefertigt.

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