Muscle Building

The primary goal in bodybuilding is to build up muscles as effectively and fat-free as possible, but not only there, because almost all athletes who do fitness have this goal in mind - even if in varying degrees.
The gain of muscle is a complex endogenous process. Thus, within the framework of self-regulation, the organism is basically striving to counteract changes (such as the build-up of new muscles) by taking countermeasures (muscle breakdown) in order to remain in balance. One speaks of homeostasis. Through a clever combination of training and sports nutrition, however, it is possible to set the stimuli that result in sustained, efficient muscle growth.

Training is the A and O

In order to build up muscles in the long term, taking homeostasis into account, training is a basic requirement. During training, stimuli are set to which the body wants to adapt (adaptation) so that the muscle building processes outweigh the muscle breakdown processes. Training is therefore a necessary condition for optimal muscle building, but training alone is not enough.

Nutrient timing for muscle building

There are times of the day when an optimal supply of nutrients in sports nutrition is particularly important for muscle building. The use of supplements is particularly effective here, because the body can use the targeted nutrient and build-up substrates at these times - assuming intensive training - particularly well and use them for building muscle cell mass. These are:

  • In the morning, directly after waking up
  • Before, during and after training

Nutrient substrates for muscle building

The main substrates that contribute to building muscle mass at these times are:

  • Proteins
  • Amino acids (EAA, BCAAs, Glutamine, Arginine, etc.) with special functionalities and as building blocks of proteins
Furthermore important for the organism or as synergy substrates at these times: * 3g creatine daily increases physical performance during high-speed training in the context of short-term intensive physical activity.
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