Collect Peak Loyalty Points

How can Peak Points be collected?

We reward your loyalty, because with every purchase in the PEAK shop you collect valuable loyalty points on your customer account, which you can use for your next order.

How are collected Peak Points calculated?

For every Euro you spend you get one PEAK Point. In addition to the point credit for a purchase, there is also the possibility to further increase the point balance of your customer account through recommendations or ratings.
As soon as your customer account has a score of 1000 PEAK Points, you have the possibility to redeem these points and secure a credit of 10,00 €.

What is the maximum number of Peak Points that can be redeemed?

A maximum of 1000 PEAK Points can be redeemed per purchase.

Can Peak Points be paid out?

A payout of the collected Peak Points is not possible.

What happens to the bonus points when they are returned or revoked?

In the case of returns or revocation, the bonus points for the returned products will be rebooked.


Please note that PEAK Points can only be collected until 31 December 2019!

The reason for this is that we prefer to reward you directly for your support with much more rewarding discount promotions, without you having to collect a lot.

Points can be redeemed up to and including 31 January 2020.

EVERYONE can redeem their points!
From now on, 100 PEAK Points can be redeemed.
Previously it was only possible to redeem points from 1000 points!

As always, the points can be redeemed in addition to ongoing actions.